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Missing language key for Notification Portlet



      Important Notes

      When -LPS-58384- was added to liferay-plugins-ee master, ee-7.0.x and ee-6.2.x it was missing the language key for the newly added notification "notification-no-longer-applies".

      -LPS-51084- was fixed in liferay-portal-ee master and ee-7.0.x and correctly applied the newly added notification message, "notification-no-longer-applies", to Language.properties.

      The Notification Portlet is no longer in liferay-plugins-ee master and ee-7.0.x so this fix doesn't apply there.

      Because of -LPS-51084-, this is a unique liferay-plugins-ee ee-6.2.x fix to correct for the missing language key.

      Reproduced - liferay-plugins-ee

      Plugins-ee ee-6.2.x GitId: 005d534d6bc4ffc82a2836a4387b23010bb876ba

      Steps to Reproduce - ee-6.2.x
      1. Deploy the Contacts and the Notifications Portlets
      2. Create two users and make sure both belong to the default Liferay Site
      3. Deploy the Contacts Center Portlet to the Welcome page
      4. In the Contacts Center Portlet, select the other User and select to "Connect" with them
      5. Stop the server
      6. Un-deploy the Contacts Portlet
      7. Start the server back up
      8. Sign in as the other User, who was sent the "Connect" request
      9. Select the notification from the Notifications Portlet in the Dockbar

      Expected Result: Displays a default entry that shows "Notification no longer applies."

      Actual Result: Displays a default entry that shows "notification-no-longer-applies"


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