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As a user, I'd like to input international address in proper layouts.



      Input fields should be also customizable as well as displaying format of address.

       For proposed solutions and matter of considerations in terms of Address localization, please refer LPS-70736. The motivation and requirements behind of this story have already been documented there.

       This ticket will only focus on input fields (Add / Edit) enhancement of address localization.

      Proposed Solution:

      • Provide developers with an API to format an address with specified layout rules for input fields of Address. The AdressFormatter idea for formatting could be applied for this feature. For consistency of user experience and development efficiency, switching formatting / layout should be managed by same manner.

       Additional Considerations:

      1. Select field of country may need to be placed on the top of address fields from UX standpoint instead of bottom because of following reasons.
      2. AdressFormatter for formatting is designed to determin layout / format based on country's value. So I assume AdressFormatter thing for layout also could be triggered when a user choosing countries in the same manner.
      3. A user can naturally navigate to choosing country first and see that action affects changing input fields layout.


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