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Some links generated by SocialActivityIntepreter are wrong



      Some ActivityIntepreter shows an extra link:

      • DLFileEntryActivityIntepreter shows "Go to Folder",
      • MBMessageActivityIntepreter shows "Go to Category".

      These extra links are build without take care of entry groupId. And results wrong.


      To replicate the situation:

      • unzip a GA4 bundle (or use the master)
      • sign in as test and create a new blank site named ProjectA
      • create a public page on ProjectA and add the DML portlet
      • add a new simple document
      • go to Test Dashboard site "http://localhost:8080/user/test"
      • add activities plugin
      • you will see the activity related to the document added
      • I'm expecting the "Go to folder" link drive me in the DML on ProjectA site. Instead a nel DML is instantiate in the user dashboard site

      The same happens with Message Board:

      • go to ProjectA site
      • using the Site Administration menu, go to Message Board portlet
      • add a Category (es: News)
      • add a thread inside that category
      • go to Test Dashboard site "http://localhost:8080/user/test"
      • the activity plugin show the thread activity.
      • I'm expecting the "Go to category" link drive me in a new in the ProjectA homepage with a new instantiate MessageBoard plugin showing the "News" category with the thread in it. Instead the category is shown in a new instantiate MessageBoard in the user dashboard site, without the threads

      Looking at the code both interpreter calls addNoSuchEntryRedirect() which call getViewEntryURL(). The last method build an URL in the current scopeGroupId.



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