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No longer able to edit draft, pending, or scheduled web content articles from the web content search page



      Prior to LPS-71121, all web content search results were displayed in a single tab, and consisted of the latest version of approved, scheduled, pending, and draft web content articles. As of LPS-71121, web content search results now display in two tabs - "Web content", which displays only the latest version of approved web content articles, and "Versions", which displays every version of every article, including scheduled, pending, and draft articles. However, the "Versions" tab does not allow the user to edit any of the articles it displays, meaning there is no way to edit draft, pending, or scheduled web content articles from the search results page.

      For users who have a lot of web content articles, this regression bug will result in a poor experience since they now have to sift through many articles if they want to edit a draft, scheduled, or pending article.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay bundle. Sign into portal as default Test Test admin user.
      2. Create several web content articles in Site Administration>Web Content

      • Create one normal article and Publish. Article created with status "Approved".
      • Create an article and click Save as Draft. Do not publish this article so you can see the behavior for draft articles. Article created with status "Draft".
      • Create an article and Schedule the article for a day in the future, click Publish. Article is created with status "Scheduled."
        -Create a folder and Save. Add a workflow to the folder by clicking three dots on top right corner>Edit and under "Structure Restrictions and Workflow" click button "Default Workflow for this Folder" and select "Single Approver (version 1) from drop-down menu. Save.
      • Go into folder and create an article and click Save. Article is created with Pending status.

      3. Using search bar in Site Administration>Web Content, search for "test".
      Since all articles are created by Test Test user, all articles will be returned
      4. Click on the Versions tab.
      5. Click the tri-dot button of one of the articles and observe the options that are available.

      Expected Result: An Edit option will be available to ensure that scheduled, pending or draft web content articles can be searched and directly edited through search results.
      Actual Result: There is no Edit option, so scheduled, pending or draft web content article search results cannot be edited through through search results.

      Reproduced in master (9d1f1797f695c00fab3cda92128e242545cb2e09)
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x (e1574b7133082c756e24d7cc27c786bfa796e907)


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