I would like to create a way to blacklist OSGi bundles to prevent them from starting. The user should be able to drop a cfg file into the app server with the symbolic names of the bundles they wish to blacklist. Removing the cfg file should start the previously blacklisted bundles.

      Steps to blacklist a bundle:

      1. Create a file named com.liferay.portal.bundle.blacklist.internal.BundleBlacklistConfiguration.cfg
      2. Add "blacklistBundleSymbolicNames=" followed by the symbolic names of the bundles you want to blacklist. This can be any LPKG, JAR, WAR, or WAR wrapper
      3. Drop the cfg file into osgi/configs
      4. If the cfg file was deployed at runtime, there should be logging indicating the specified bundles have been uninstalled. If the cfg file was placed before startup, then the specified bundles should not have started.

      Steps to bring reinstall blacklisted bundles. Any one of the following will work:

      1. Drop a new cfg file without the symbolic name of the bundle you want to reinstall
      2. Delete the cfg file
      3. Uninstall the blacklister


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