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Language Selector portlet redirection is not working as expected with localized friendlyURLs



      When an Asset Publisher is added to a page with content inside of it, if it is accessed to through a virtual host while there are localizations for the friendlyURL, changing the Language to one with a different friendlyURL while viewing a piece of content, the redirect link returns the user to the Asset Publisher portlet.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up DXP
      2. Go to Control Panel > Sites > Create a new site
      3. Immediately after site is created, in Configuration > Site Settings > Site URL > Public Pages, add a virtual host that is already set in /etc/hosts (for example, localhost-app)
      4. Add a public page (testpage), add a Language Selector portlet and a Asset Publisher
      5. Click the 3 dot icon to configure the testpage page
      6. Under Name, click the Spanish flag and add "Spanish" to the Name
      7. Under the Friendly URL, click the Spanish flag and add "Spanish" to the URL
      8. Go to localhost-app:8080/en/testpage and click on 1 of the content to view it
      9. Click Spanish to change the language
      Expected Behavior: The content changes to Spanish, and remains on the viewed content
      Actual Behavior: Content changes to Spanish, but you are redirected to the main page for all content


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