Search highlighting should be controlled by portlet configurations instead of a portal property. was changed to false by default for performance reasons in -LPS-72106-. A portlet configuration was added to the search portlet to maintain the option of highlighting, however the property change disables highlighted search results in the wiki and web content search portlets. To re-enable highlighting for those portlets, you would have to reintroduce the performance problem by setting the property back to true. This fix REMOVES the property and ADDS configurations to the other portlets to enable or disable highlighting.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a web content article
      2. Add the Web Content Search portlet to a page
      3. Configure the portlet to show any content
      4. Search for the title of the article

      Expected Result:
      The search result would show the title highlighted as expected

      Actual Result:
      The title is not highlighted

      Reproduced on master - 5b2b081


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