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Language information created for adding categories is not imported properly.



      Steps to reproduce:
      #Sign in as admin user

      1. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Instance Settings > Miscellaneous
      2. Set default language to English, and under the "Available Languages" field, add English, Spanish, Japanese to the "Current" field and Save
      3. Open the Product Menu > Control Panel > Sites > Sites > Liferay DXP > ⁝ > Edit > Languages
      4. Select the "Define a custom default language and additional available languages for this site." option and set Default Language to Spanish
      5. For the Admin user, go to My Account > Account Settings > User Information, and set Language to español (España) – or Spanish
      6. Open the Product Menu > Control Panel > Sites > Sites, and click on Global
      7. In the Global scope, click Content > Categories, and click the + button to Add Vocabulary
      8. Set Title to "English" in English flag, "Spanish" in Spanish flag and "Japanese" in Japanese flag and Save
      9. Select the Vocabulary created in previous step and Add new Category
      10. Set Name to "English" in English flag, "Spanish" in Spanish flag and "Japanese" in Japanese flag and Save
      11. Go to Global Site > Content > Categories > ⁝ > Export/Import > Export, then export to LAR
      12. Save the exported LAR file once it completes building
      13. Go to default Site (Liferay DXP) > Content > Categories > ⁝ > Export/Import > Import, then import the LAR File created in the previous step
      14. Go back to the Categories panel, locate the imported Category (i.e. "English") Click ⁝ > Edit, and edit Category and Vocabulary created in the previous step

      Expected Result:
      Language displayed is as same as default user language.

      Actual Results:
      After import
       - English - "English"
       - Spanish - "English"
       - Japanese - "Japanese"




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