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TypeError is thrown when Adding an article with a Geolocation field


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      Chrome (latest), Firefox 45 ESR


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy the ip-geocoder osgi module from \modules\apps\ip-geocoder
      2. Navigate to Liferay > Configuration > Site Settings > Advanced
      3. Expand the Maps panel and select OpenStreetMap
        • Save
      4. Navigate to Web Content > Ellipsis > Structures
      5. Add a new Structure with a Geolocation field
      6. Add a new Template based on the Structure (optional step)
      7. Click to Add a Web Content article based on the the Structure
      8. Click the Share Location button in the popup when it displays (after waiting a few seconds, the error displays before this)

      Expected result:
      The Geolocation field will populate the map without any JavaScript errors.

      Actual result:
      In FF 45ESR, the following is thrown in the browser and the map doesn't display:

      TypeError: b.default is undefined

      After clearing the browser cache and re-navigating to add a Geolocation article, this is also thrown in the browser (on each adding attempt):

      Error: Stack overflow

      ...which points to http://localhost:9080/o/frontend-js-web/liferay/util.js?browserId=firefox&minifierType=&languageId=en_US&b=7010&t=1500361412653:

      getPortletId: function(portletId) {
      			return String(portletId).replace(REGEX_PORTLET_ID, '$1');

      And on subsequent attempts, I'm also seeing the following throw in the browser, pointing to different files (upwards of 16 times in one page load, see attached gif):

      too much recursion

      Update: In Chrome the map still displays (with the JS error). in Firefox 45ESR the map doesn't display. In Edge and IE11 there aren't any errors and the map displays.

      Note: On FF 45ESR, all fields are rendered read-only if there is even one instance of the Geolocation field




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