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WEM Search portlet returns results when criteria is not met



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a Web Content Search Portlet to a page
      2. Add a Web Content Display portlet to a page
      3. Add a Basic Web Content via display portlet
        1. Title: WC Title
        2. Content: WC Content
      4. Save
      5. In Web Content search portlet do the following searches and assert your created Web Content is returned after each search
        1. WC
        2. Content
        3. Title
        4. WC Title
        5. WC Content
        6. WC1
      6. Now do the following searches and assert your created Web Content is NOT returned
        1. WC1
        2. Content1
        3. Title1
        4. WC Title1
        5. WC Content1

      Expected All searches made in step 6 are not found.
      Actual When you add "WC" to the beginning of the searches made in step 6, the Web Content is returned. Seen in steps 6.3 and 6.4

      Reproduced on
      Tomcat 8.0 + MySQL 5 + Portal master GIT ID e90242ae2a4548f56bdf5c627efdd738a18e6991
      Tomcat 8.0 + MySQL 5 + Portal ee-7.0.x GIT ID 7cc4a7f2432c1f9bbbd3de03b0c3c68e39385ee4


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