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Clicking on notification should redirect to the page where kaleo form is



      1) Extracted the fresh bundle of Liferay 6.2 (latest SP).
      2) deploy kaleo form portlet and kaleo web portlet to portal
      3) Created 2 pages, say, Page 1 and Page 2.
      4) Drop the Kaleo Forms portlet on Page 2.
      5) Create a form in kaleo form admin.
      6) Submit New form in the kaleo form portlet.
      7) Notification is received on the Notification portlet.
      8) Goto Page 1 and now click on notification.
      Expected Result: The user should be redirected to the page where Kaleo Forms is placed.
      Actual Result: The user remains at the default landing page

      The behavior is same in 6.2.x: bd05cf83dc0cc0d3e031331044fbb869385c40ca
      Couldn't test in 7.0.x as I was unable to build Notification, Kaleo-web and Kaleo Forms in my machine.


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