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Liferay AUI Datepicker accessibility issues



      Client is using aui datepicker and noted accessibility issues:

      a) Calendar Icon is not labeled in ZoomText and has no alt text. It is focusable, but there is no audible indication of what it does.
      b)interactive calendar is not keyboard selectable . Neither are the dates selectable with tabbing or Arrow keys, and the two buttons are not selectable with the Tab and Enter keys.

      For your reference i created a sample portlet with datepicker and issues are reproducible. Attached the war file.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Deploy datepickertestportlet
      2. Add datepickertestportlet to page
      3. Using keyboard, press tab so that the calendar icon is highlighted
      4. Press enter, and try to navigate within the calendar using the arrow keys
      Expected Behavior: When the calendar icon is highlighted, there is a label/alt text, and after pressing enter, the calendar should be able to be navigated with the arrow keys
      Actual Behavior: There is no label/alt text and the calendar cannot be navigated with the arrow keys

      Note: it seems like if you keep pressing tab with the calendar open, eventually it will get into the calendar and you are able to navigate with the arrow keys, but it requires going through all the elements on the page that were rendered before the calendar first.

      Reproduced in 6.2.x - ded92e6be1a355727ea892afb208a03d1d200d4e
      Can't test in master - Couldn't deploy 6.2 sample portlet


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