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Allow the default language to be empty in Localized text field



      If the default language is empty it is always filled with the first entered value, even if another language is selected. In most cases this is not a big problem because it is required to provide a value for the default language. However for custom fields it makes sense to allow empty values for the default langauge

      Reproduction steps:

      1. Create New custom field for "Documents Folder" with name "Test" and type should be "Localized Text".
      2. Now go to "Documents and Media": Add/Folder
      3. At the "Test" field, the USA flag is selected by default, and the field is empty.
      4. Click on the German flag and type in "german".
        1. Note: At this point the value is copied to the default language field, not at save
      5. Then click Save. Check the expandovalue table: you can see that the "german" string is saved for the en_US locale.
      6. Then click Actions/Edit for the folder.****

      Result: At the "Display Name" the USA flag is selected by default and the field shows the text "german".
      Expectation: At the "Display Name" the USA flag is selected by default and the field shows no text, because we didn't provide any value for the US locale in step 3 and 4.


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