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Error when submitting Form with repeatable select field with no option selected



      If a Form with a repeatable select field is shown in a Forms portlet, and a user creates multiple repetitions, leaving one in the middle blank will result in an error.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Content -> Forms
      2. Create a new Form, and add a new field with type "Select from list"
      3. In the configuration panel/popup for the select field, add a couple of options, then make the field repeatable (under "Properties" in master, under "More options" in ee-7.0.x)
      4. Finish editing the field, then publish/save the Form
      5. Navigate to a page and add a Forms portlet
      6. Configure the Forms portlet to use the new Form
      7. Click the '+' button two or more times to make at least three repetitions of the select field appear
      8. Leave one select field (one in the middle, not the first or last) blank, and fill in values for the rest
      9. Submit the Form
        Expected result: the Form is submitted with no errors
        Actual result: The error "Form is temporarily unavailable" appears in the UI. Checking Content -> Forms and clicking "View entries" for the Form shows an entry for the submitted Form, but the values are not all there.

      Reproduced in master: 5ccaa639070b7750bd25b8936c612ba58a2520f8
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x: c8a4e0f0bfefb28d0093eacd813b0384fadf3357


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