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Web Content search results for Any aren't returning Draft or Pending Articles



      In Web Content, searching for Web Content articles with Status Any will only display articles have a version which is a head. For example, an Article can be created, then Approved, then edited. That pending article (version 1.1) will be displayed in Web Content search results (assuming the User is a content reviewer). However if Article 2 is created and still in the pending status it will not be displayed because it is not listed as "head". This is confusing since the head status is invisible to users.

      After discussing with an SME here: LPP-26417, the search will now return the latest version of an Article of status' Approved, Pending, or Draft.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Site Administration>Content>Web Content and create a Basic Web Content article with content "Test" and publish it.
      2. Search for new web content article using Web Content search bar entering "Test". Observe it is Approved status and correctly listed under Web Contents search result tab.
      3. Create a folder. Edit the folder and give it a workflow.
      4. Move the new web content article into the folder. Edit the web content article and submit for publication.
      5. Article is now status Pending.
      6. Create another Article in the Folder with Content "Test" - after creation it will be in the Pending Status
      7. Search for "Test".
      8. Search Results: Under Web Content tab, the first article is listed because it was previously approved (has a head) with the second article only appears in Versions.

      Results of Testing:
      Expected Results: Articles of status Pending or Draft appear in the Web Content search.
      Actual Results: Search result for Pending article that was previously approved appears under Web Content Search while Pending article will no history of approval do not.


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