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User cannot add two Knowledge Base Articles with the same title unless he manually specifies different friendly urls



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a KBArticle with "new article" as title and save
      2. Add another KBArticle with "new article"

      Expected: The article is saved and the portal could generate a valid friendlyURLs for the second article (as we do in blogs with an incremental approach by adding "-1" or "-2" as a suffix of the friendly url)

      Current: The article is not saved because the friendlyURL is duplicated

      The expected behaviour in the general cases is as follows:

      1. If the user only introduces a knowledge base article title and he doesn't specify a friendly url, the friendly url should be generated based on the title and it should be unique. This means that we might need to add "-1" or "-2" in case where another friendly url already exists. 
      2. If the users introduces a knowledge base article title and also a friendly url, we should use the friendly url that was specified by the user. If it's unique we will publish the article and finish. If there is an already existing friendly url, we should fail and tell the user that the friendly url is already in use and that he needs to introduce another one, but we should NOT make it unique by adding "-1" or "-2" etc.


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