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Imported Documents and Media items not accessible on staging environment



      Reproduction steps:
      1) Create new site called Site1
      2) Upload some documents to Documents and Media section at Site Administration
      3) Activate local staging excluding Documents and Media (this step might not be necessary)
      4) Export pages of site including Documents and Media items to LAR
      5) Create a second site called Site2
      6) Activate local staging also with Documents and Media unchecked
      7) Import the LAR from step 4) and double check your documents are included at the import popup menu

      Current behavior:
      The imported documents are not available at Documents and Media section at Site Administration.
      If you place a Documents and Media portlet on a page of your staging site, no items are available and the following message is shown: 'There are no documents or media files in this folder.'
      However, if you place a Documents and Media Display portlet on the page, the documents do appear (see screenshot).
      An initial publication does not have influence on the behavior, however the documents won't be available at any of the portlets above on the Live site.

      Although, Documents and Media is not staging, documents should be available immediately at the live site and at the Page Administration for sure.

      Reproduced on:
       Liferay 6.2.10 EE with portal-151
       Liferay 6.2.10 EE with portal-154
       Liferay 6.2.x @ 71cdaf2c3b8ed8051b56ad5b5b4c50337ccf7337
       Master @ 78a937b797bf508d33d20ef53eff7871838d9e92

      Additional reproduction information to Master:
      Hence Publishing/Export feature is not available when staging is enabled, step 3) must be skipped for reproduction.
      When double checking the behavior with Documents and Media portlet on staging Site2, the imported images are still not available, however when they are visible at the Add menu if you search on them as a content (see screenshot reproduced_master.png).
      Publishing still doesn't effect the behavior, none of the documents are visible at left Menu panel or DM portlet on both staging and live sites.


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