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Organization hierarchies may be imported in the wrong order due to skipped reference imports



      Reference imports are not working for Organizations specifically. Thus, depending on how the Organization hierarchy was created, child Organizations may be imported in the wrong order, causing various unexpected behaviors.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set up two Liferay DXP bundles
      2. On the first bundle, navigate to Control Panel -> Users and Organizations, and go to Organizations
      3. Add a regular Organization (PO1)
      4. Add another Organization, and set the parent to the one previously added (PO1)
      5. Add yet another Organization (PO2)
        • Optional: if you export a LAR at this step or prior steps, then importing it later will work, because the order will coincidentally be correct
      6. Under the very first Organization (PO1), edit the child Organization and change its parent to the newest one (PO2)
      7. Export a LAR of the Organizations
      8. Switch to the second bundle, navigate back to Organizations in the Control Panel, and import the LAR
        Expected result: the import is successful and the child Organization has the correct parent Organization (PO2
        Actual result: the import is successful, but the child Organization no longer has a parent

      Reproduced in master: 5ccaa639070b7750bd25b8936c612ba58a2520f8
      Reproduced in ee-7.0.x: 48db1a2f4460b8f3f38078bf3674907cace7b420


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