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Journal Article search w-Index does not find all versions of an article



      When searching Journal Articles without indexing, not all versions of the Journal Article appear. They do appear when searching with indexing enabled.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Site -> Content -> Web Content and Create a Folder
      2. Edit the folder to have Workflow enabled and choose the Default Single Approver Workflow
      3. Navigate into the Folder and create a Web Content Article "Pending Article 1.0"
      4. Approve the article on another tab by going to User -> Notifications, click on the Notification and "Assign to Me" the Workflow task. Then Approve the Workflow task.
      5. Refresh the original tab and see that the article is Approved. Searching for the article will also find it in Web Content and Versions tabs.
      6. Edit the article changing it's name to "Draft Article 1.1" and Save as Draft
      7. Searching for "test" will display the Draft Article 1.1 and the Workflow Folder in the Web Content Tab and the Draft Article 1.1 and Pending Article 1.0 in the Versions tab:
      8. In the second tab, go to Control Panel -> System Settings -> Web Experience and Select "Web Content Administration"
      9. Un-check "Journal articles search with index" and Update
      10. Go back to the first tab and search the folder for "test"

      Expected Results: The same versions of Articles will appear as when the indexer was enabled.
      Actual Results: "Pending Article 1.0" and the Workflow Folder do not appear in either tab as below:


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