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User without the proper role can view the ellipsis that would allow them to edit/impersonate an Administrator


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      This issue is currently causing UsersandorganizationsUsecase#ImpersonatingAdministratorandOwner to fail on Testray. However, this issue WAS NOT able to be reproduced on master locally with the git ID below. 

      Steps to reproduce (based on the Testray results of the failing test):

      1) Create a role called "Impersonating Role Name" in Regular Roles and make sure it has the following permissions:

      • Portal: View Control Panel Menu
      • Users and Organizations: Access in Control Panel
      • Users and Organizations: View
      • Users and Organizations > User: Impersonate
      • Users and Organizations > User: View

      2) Add a new user "usersn1" and give it the "Impersonating Role Name" role

      3) Add a new user "usersn2" (Don't assign it any role)

      4) Add a new user "usersn3" and give it the "Administrator" role

      5) Log in using the newly created "usersn1" account and go to Users > Users and Organizations

      Expected result:
      There should not be any ellipsis next to the users with the Administrators role ("test" and "usersn3"). Please see the attached image.

      Actual result:
      There is an ellipsis next to the users with the Administrators role. See the screenshots on this result on Testray.

      Git ID for master: 6d9834f675ab233cbc9cc006c344cb437c6c3101





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