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User menus do not appear to non-admin users on virtual instances before restarting server



      Consider a Liferay deployment with a virtual instance other than the one created by default. Users on this instance (without admin rights) would not be able to see their own workflow submissions.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a Virtual Instance
        • Log as admin.
        • Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Virtual Instances
        • Click on the "+" FAB.
        • For Web Id, Virtual Host and Mail Domain, enter an alternative network name of your machine.
          • Your portal is likely accessible via localhost:8080 but your machine will likely have an alternative network name. Use this other name.
        • Save it.
      2. Login to new instance
      3. Add a user and assign user to Liferay site
      4. Login to created user.
      5. Open the left panel.
      6. Observe the options under the user's seciton.
      7. Restart server.
      8. Log in with created user.
      9. Open the left panel.
      10. Observer the options under the user's section.

      Expected result

      • In step 6, the following menus appear:
        • My Submissions.
        • My Sync Devices
        • Notifications
        • My Subscriptions
        • My Organizations
      • In step 10, we would see the same options from step 6.

      Actual results

      • In step 6, the listed options do not appear:
      • In step 10, the options are back:
      • !



      There is a workaround to this issue:

      • Connect to Gogo Shell.
      • Restart each missing module.

      For example, I connected to Gogo Shell and searched for the Sync Web module, stopped and started it:

      g! lb | grep 'Sync Web'
        615|Active     |   10|Liferay Sync Web (1.0.12)
      g! stop 615
      g! start 615

      Then we looked for Workflow Web:

      g! lb | grep 'Workflow Web'
        169|Active     |   10|Liferay Portal Workflow Web (1.0.0)
      g! stop 169
      g! start 169


      g! lb | grep 'Notifications Web'
        491|Active     |   10|Liferay Notifications Web (1.0.25)
        550|Active     |   10|Liferay Push Notifications Web (1.0.10)
      g! stop 491
      g! start 491

      My Subscriptions:

      g! lb | grep 'My Subscriptions'
        488|Active     |   10|Liferay My Subscriptions Web (1.0.6)
      g! stop 488
      g! start 488

      My Organizations:

      g! lb | grep 'Users Admin Web'
        635|Active     |   10|Liferay Users Admin Web (2.5.0)
      g! stop 635
      g! start 635





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