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Confusing error messages in DefaultTextExportImportContentProcessor.java


    • Type: Regression Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: No Longer Reproducible
    • Affects Version/s: 7.0.X, Master
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      In LPS-72420, we added some new error messages that are displayed when a link in a web content article fails validation. However, these error messages are very confusing. There are two error messages that can be thrown:

      1. If the validator is trying to look up a group from what it believes is the group friendly URL, but fails to find the group, it will throw the following error message:
      "Unable validate referenced page because it cannot be found with url: {url}""

      There are several issues with this error message:
      a. There is a typographical error ("Unable validate..." should be "Unable to validate...").
      b. The URL that is mentioned in the error message is the shortened URL after it has gone through several stages of processing, not the full original URL that was included in the web content article. This can be very confusing to users.
      c. Most importantly, the error message give no indication of why the URL could not be parsed correctly.

      2. If the validator is able to determine what group the URL is linking to, but then cannot find a layout in that group with the subsequent layout friendly URL, it will throw the following error message:
      "Unable to validate referenced page because the page group cannot be found: {groupId}"

      This message makes it sound like it was unable to find a group, which is very misleading. The validator was able to find a group (hence why it has a group ID), but it could not find the page using that friendly URL within the group.

      These error messages should be improved so that the user knows exactly which of their links was deemed invalid, and what caused the link to be deemed invalid.

      This issue is not testable by QA.


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