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Preview Images in Documents and Media take a long time to render when Adaptive Media is enabled



      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Add 4 Image Resolutions in Adaptive Media with different values.
      2. Then go to Documents and Media and upload a bunch of images (around 20 images) using the Multiple Uploader.
      3. When you are redirected to Documents and Media you should see all the images with the title, etc. However, the images don't appear yet and a default icon is displayed instead.
      4. If you refresh the page, you will see that as the time pass by, you can see more and more images. The images won't appear until the adaptive media images have been generated for that particular image.

      We should try to improve this user experience so if the thumbnail is not available yet, we will display the raw image or provide better feedback to the end user.

      The same will happen when you are adding a blog entry and you want to select an image using the Image Selector. No image will be displayed if the Adaptive Media images haven't been generated yet, and then it's completely useless because the user cannot see the image that he wants to include in the blog entry.




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