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Commenting and Rating an asset should only be allowd from live environment (not staging)




      Right now, when Staging is enabled and an asset is staged (blogs, for example) comments can only be added from staging by default. End users who are viewing a blog entry from live they cannot add comments. This is very confusing for most users that don't understand why they cannot add comments from the site. 

      Commenting is a social action that is intended for end users to leave feedback regarding an specific asset. If users cannot do this from live we are missing one of the most important and common use cases for comments.  

      However, when rating an asset it could be done in both live and staging. The main goal of rating is, again, for end users to rate a content that is displayed in live and not in staging.

      The goal of this story is to remove the support of commenting and rating content in staging and allowing it only in live. This enforces the use case that was initially designed for both comments and ratings and it simplifies the expected behaviour and use case.

      Even though we drop the support of commenting and rating in staging, comments and ratings should be exported and imported via LAR files. This means that if an entity (blog) is exported/imported, the comments and ratings associated to that blog entry should also be exported and imported.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • No matter if staging is enabled or not, users can *only* add comments in live. 
      • No matter if staging is enabled or not, users can *only* rate content in live. 
      • When exporting/importing any asset, both ratings and comments should be exported and imported.


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