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Site member can't see site on Control Panel if membership is inherited from User Group


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      • Portal 6.2 + portal-160

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create the following assets:
        • Users test01 and test02
        • User Group testgroup
        • Role controlpanel
      2. Add the permission "Portal: Go to Control Panel" do the Role controlpanel.
      3. Add the User group testgroup to the default site membership.
      4. Assign the "Site Administrator" site role to testgroup.
      5. Assign the "Site Administrator" site role directly to user test01.
      6. Assign user test02 to the user group testgroup.
      7. Login with user test01 and go to the Control Panel
      8. Login with user test02 and go to the Control Panel

      Expected Results

      Both users test01 and test02 can see the default site on the Control Panel on steps 7 and 8, because both have the Site Administrador role (test01 directly, test02 inherited from the user group)

      Actual Results

      User test01 can see the default site on Control Panel. User test02 can't see the default site on Control Panel.

      Additional Remarks

      • If the role Site Administrator is given directly to user test02 and then removed, he gains and retains the privilege to see the site on Control Panel.
      • The Site Administration site role (steps 4 and 5) is not necessary to neither user nor user group. When both have the Go To Control Panel permission they can see the Site list and test01 will see the site while test02 won't.


      REPRODUCED on 6.2.x Commit 6b7ac9435c9c4573a47a28e4c3a4464697f840bc - Tue Sep 19 16:15:40 2017 -0700
      NOT REPRODUCED on Master Commit 260bfecea37d51af194561e50cbfd7cf6f40765b - Mon Sep 18 22:10:01 2017 -0700




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