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Portal Administrators can configure whether adaptive media should be generated as soon as an image is uploaded or not.



      When Adaptive Media is deployed, every time a user uploads an image to Documents and Media, the adaptive media image generation process is triggered automatically to generate all the necessary images based on the adaptive media image resolutions enabled.

      This is convenient when we want to generate all the adaptive media images as soon as they are uploaded because in the use case it's very likely that we will need adaptive media images for all of them. 

      However, there might be certain cases where creating adaptive media images for every image might be overkilling because only some of them will actually be displayed in a context where adaptive media is relevant. 

      In order to support this scenario we would like to include a new configuration option to decide whether the adaptive media images should be generated right away when a new image is uploaded or they should be created on demand. 

      When a URL that points to an Adaptive Media Image is requested, if the adaptive media image doesn't exist yet, it will return the original image and it will trigger the process to generate the specific adaptive media image. This is useful is the images are not generated right away because they will be generated when any user requests to see an adaptive media image that doesn't exist yet.

      This configuration option should apply at a server level (not a virtual instance level)





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