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As a user I would like my old blog entries and web content to use adaptive media images for previously created content



      When Adaptive Media is installed, new Blog entries and Web content articles that contains images will use adaptive media images. However, blog entries and web content articles created before Adaptive Media was installed won't benefit of Adaptive Media Images.

      We should have a backwards-compatibility module that can be optionally installed to allow old blog entries and web content articles to use Adaptive Media images. 

      Adaptive Media replaces <img> tags with <picture> tags by looking a data-fileEntryId attribute and checking the available adaptive media images. Old blog entries and web content articles don't have the data-fileEntryId attribute, so Adaptive Media cannot use the <picture> tag.

      However, it should be possible that instead of searching by the data-fileEntryId to obtain the original image, that we do it using the src attribute of the img tag. Then, Adaptive Media could obtain that information from URLs that are pointing at images stored in Documents and Media and follow a specific format.

      If this backwards compatiblity module is deployed, every web content article and blog entry that contained images stored in Documents and Media will automatically benefit from Adaptive Media images without the need to modify anything. 




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