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Indefinite loading when browsing back to page with name starting with 'c'



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a public page to the site Liferay; its friendly url should start with the character 'c'; eg, cage1.
      2. Add a second public page; eg, page2.
      3. Add an Application Display Template of type Language Selector Template with the code in the attached file language_selector_template_LPS.ftl. This template calculates the url's to different languages using the method PortalUtil.getAlternateURL.
      4. Add the Language selector portlet to cat1 and add the template created in the last step.
      5. Introduce the url: localhost:8080/es/web/guest/cage1.
      6. Change for instance to French using the language selector portlet. (url should now be localhost:8080/fr/cage1)
      7. Navigate to page2 using the navigation portlet. (url should now be localhost:8080/fr/web/guest/page2)
      8. Click on the browser's back arrow. (url should now be localhost:8080/fr/cage1)

      Expected: The previous page is loaded and shown.
      Observed: The page keeps loading indefinitely. After some moments the familiar message warns that the operation is taking longer than expected.


      1. This unexpected behavior is not reproduced if the property javascript.single.page.application.enabled is set to false.
      2. It is important that the navigation localhost:8080/fr/cage1 is arrived at via normal navigation, rather than directly typing it in the browser address bar.
      3. The use of an ADT makes it easy to navigate to url's ending in the form /$locale/$page_name


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