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HtmlUtil.escape() fails to escape/remove invalid characters between 128 (inclusive) and 256



      Invalid characters between index 128 (inclusive) and 256 (hex 80 (inclusive) and 100) are not escaped by HtmlUtil.escape().

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download and unzip the attached project.
      2. Test the project:
         mvn clean package

      If the bug still exists the tests will fail and the following errors will appear:

      Failed tests:
        HtmlImpl_escape_Test.testHtmlImpl_escape:32 expected:<[&#187;]> but was:<[»]>
        HtmlImpl_escape_Test.testHtmlImpl_escape0084:52 expected:<[ ]> but was:<[„]>
        HtmlImpl_escape_Test.testHtmlImpl_escape0086:57 expected:<[ ]> but was:<[†]>
        HtmlImpl_escape_Test.testHtmlImpl_escape009f:62 expected:<[ ]> but was:<[Ÿ]>
        HtmlImpl_escape_Test.testHtmlImpl_escape00bb:47 expected:<[&#187;]> but was:<[»]>

      If the bug is fixed, the tests will pass.

      Note that the tests can be run with the portal-kernel and portal-impl versions from Liferay 7.0.2 GA3 like so:

      mvn clean package -P 7.0.2-ga3

      The tests pass with the Liferay 7.0.2 GA3 portal-kernal and portal-impl.

      The code that causes the error is on lines 121-123:

      if ((c < 256) && ((c >= 128) || _VALID_CHARS[c])) {

      Note that lines 140-142 of HtmlImpl indicate the intention to escape 'u00bb' to "&#187;". Lines 152-156 indicate the intention to escape 'u0084', 'u0086', and 'u009f' to a space (" "). None of these replacements occur since the characters are between index 128 (inclusive) and 256 (hex 80 (inclusive) and 100).


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