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Every search result ends with ellipses (...) if using Solr as the search engine



      Solution Notes
      The fix will be released in a future version of Liferay Solr 5 Search Engine (higher than 1.0.0). The solution also requires to update the schema.xml in the Solr server with one provided with the Liferay Solr app.
      Due to the schema changes for the fullName field it requires to reindex Users to make it work for existing users objects.

      After configuring DXP to use Solr as its default search engine, every search result which contains the searched keyword ends with ellipses (...)

      For example, if I search for "Test" in the Search portlet, I expect to see Test Test (User) as one of the results. Instead, I see Test Test... (User). This affects every searchable asset including Blogs, Bookmarks, Web Content, Documents and Media, Message Boards, and Users.

      This seems highly related to LPS-48551. It may be possible that instead of this behavior being a regression, the code might not have applied to Solr.

      Important Note
      The customer is using Japanese localization and Solr tuned for Japanese localization, and we initially reproduced this behavior using Japanese. Please ensure that the code changes will apply to this type of set up as well.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set up Solr 5.2.1 and Liferay DXP + FP32 + Liferay Solr 5 Search Engine (1.0.0) according to the specifications set in the official documentation: https://dev.liferay.com/discover/deployment/-/knowledge_base/7-0/using-solr
      2. Restart the server
      3. Reindex the server in Server Administration
      4. Add a Documents and Media entry called Sample
        Optional Add a user called Sample, or any other entries/folder called "Sample" in any other Content type portlet
      5. Go to the Liferay DXP home page (http://localhost:8080/web/guest/home)
      6. In the search portlet, type in Sample

      Actual Result
      Search result end with ellipses

      Sample Document... Download Sample Document

      Expected Result
      Search result does not end with ellipses as in Elasticsearch searches

      Sample Document Download Sample Document

      Fixed in
      DXP + DE-32 + Elasticsearch (default)

      Reproduced in
      DXP + DE-32 + Solr 5 search plugin from Marketplace
      Master 31c306fad21ee0718ef3597a9cda6a3212a569a1 (used portal-search-solr module in Master)
      7.0.x 2b6381b81c35b207863d702459c8dd48f8f6a905 (used portal-search-solr module in Branch 7.0.x)


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