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Asset Publisher displays multiple postings of the same article when using Solr


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      When using Solr as the search engine, if we add an Asset Publisher to a page, and add a web content, we expect to see that new content. If we edit that same content, we expect there to only be one article, with the latest version of that same content on Asset Publisher.

      The behavior that we are seeing is that Asset Publisher (when linked to Solr) is displaying one entry in Asset Publisher per version, but displaying the latest version in all three entries.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Set up Solr with the attached schema.xml and solrconfig.xml
      2. Deploy the Solr plugin which is in the attached JAR file (built from liferay-portal: 1ec645c49451b2b3c3667ed639ea17e83899327c) on the Liferay side
      3. Start up Liferay
      4. Shutdown the embedded Elasticsearch through Gogoshell
      5. Restart the server
      6. Reindex the server, so that all of Liferay's indexes are captured on Solr
      7. Add an Asset Publisher to a site's page
      8. Add a Web Content article (e.g. "Test 1" with the content "First Publish") and publish – assert that the content is displayed
      9. Edit the same Web Content article with unique content (e.g. "Test 1" becomes "Test 1 Update" and content "First Publish" becomes "New Edit")
      10. Check Asset Publisher again

      Actual result
      The Asset Publisher now shows two entries of the same (latest version) of the Web Content article.

      Expected result
      The Asset Publisher will show only one entry per article, displaying the most recent version.

      Reproduced on
      Master (liferay-portal 1ec645c49451b2b3c3667ed639ea17e83899327c)


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