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Document Library fields in Web Contents don't get translations updated after upgrade



      For Web Content assets, references to content linked in the "Document Library" data type are lost in translations after upgrade to 6.2 or 7.
      The reason is because VerifyJournal process is only updating the first dynamic-content inside the element "document_library" and that means that any translation is not going to be updated either added uuid parameter at the end as it is required from 6.2 on.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Obtain a clean 6.0 EE SP2 environment
      2. Log in as admin
      3. Go into Control Panel > YourSite > Web Content and create a new structure
      4. In this structure, under the XML definitions, add a Document Library data type, and save
      5. Create a template, and link the newly created structure to it
      6. Go into Control Panel > YourSite > Document Library and add a few documents
      7. Create a new Web Content asset based on this structure/template combination and for the Document Library data type, link a document. Notice it will reference it as a path.
      8. Add a translation to the Web Content, select localized for the DL field and select another document.
      9. Shut down the server
      10. Obtain clean Liferay DE environment, and link the 6.0 EE SP2 database, and copy over the document_library directory
      11. Start up the Liferay DE and allow it to upgrade
      12. Log in as admin
      13. Go to Control Panel > Your Site > Web Content and check the Web Content translation that was created in step #7

      Expected Result:
      Linked content is referenced.

      Actual Results:
      Blank "Documents and Media" (updated from the "Document Library") data type box.

      Result is similar upgrading to 6.2 or Liferay DE.




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                Version Package
                7.0.0 DXP FP36
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