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  2. LPS-74114 Make Liferay compatible with version 2.0 tests in the Portlet 3.0 TCK
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Portlet 3.0 TCK: The parameters set by query string are not aggregated with the render parameters when dispatching from a servlet to another servlet



      Test failures:

      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenForwardServletAction_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenForwardServletEvent_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenForwardServletRender_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenForwardServletResource_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenIncludeServletAction_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenIncludeServletEvent_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenIncludeServletRender_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenIncludeServletResource_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenForwardServletAction_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenForwardServletEvent_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenForwardServletRender_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenForwardServletResource_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenIncludeServletAction_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenIncludeServletEvent_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenIncludeServletRender_dispatch2
      • V2DispatcherTests6_SPEC2_19_FwdThenIncludeServletResource_dispatch2

      For example,

      V2DispatcherTests5_SPEC2_19_IncThenIncludeServletResource_dispatch2: Details: In a servlet included by the target of an include, parameters specified in the query strings must be aggregated with the portlet render parameters. qparm2 length=1


      According to PLT 25.1.1

      The portlet container must aggregate parameters specified in the query string used to create the PortletRequestDispatcher with the portlet render parameters. Query string parameters take precedence over other portlet render parameters of the same name passed to the servlet or JSP targeted by the forward or include. The parameters associated with a PortletRequestDispatcher are scoped to apply only for the duration of the forward or include call.

      The failing test cases first dispatch the portlet request from portlet to a servlet, and then dispatch the request from the servlet to another servlet.

      In Liferay, for the first dispatching, the parameters defined in query string will be merged to the request by our PortletRequestDispatcherImpl; however, for the second dispatching, the dispatcher is obtained from a servlet request, which is a servlet's RequestDispatcher, which doesn't do the aggregate.




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