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Switching off email notifications on comments is also blocking web notifications



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start Liferay
      2. Create a Basic Web Content
      3. Add a Web Content Display portlet on a page
      4. Add previously created web content to WCD portlet
      5. Go to Configuration section of WCD portlet > Content Metadata configuration and enable comments
      6. Create a new User who should be a member of the site where you created the content
      7. Add the role Administrator to the new User
      8. Log in with new User and subscribe to comments
      9. As omniadmin, add a new comment for the published WC

      >>> An email notification will be sent (mail server) and the User will also see a notification in the 'Notifications' section on the left-hand side, within Liferay.

      10. Now add the following property to portal-ext: discussion.email.comments.added.enabled=false in order to disable email notifications
      11. Restart Liferay
      12. Log in with omniadmin and add a new comment for the WC
      13. Check mail server, there is no email notification sent, which is good
      14. Log in with User

      Result: No notification is visible in the Notifications section.

      Expected: The property should only disable email notifications, not regular ones within Liferay.


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