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Web content that links to other content in DXP fails to load upon import.




      Web content displays lose their association with their content when they are imported if another web content that is imported at the same time has a link to another page within the portal. This does not occur if the web content is plain text or a third-party URL (e.g. a link to Google).

      This issue was fixed in Master by LPS-67838. However, since the LPS is both a Technical Task and the relevant fix is too large to backport, this unique fix is being created in its stead.


      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Create a site (e.g. "Sample").
      2. Create two pages for the site, one public and one private. I named the public page "FAQ" and the private page "Home".
      3. Create a basic web content with a URL link to the public page.
      4. Place that web content in a web content display on the private page.
      5. Export both the public and private pages, downloading the lars that are generated.
      6. Create a new site (e.g. "Sample Test").
      7. Import the lar containing the public pages.
      8. Import the lar containing the private pages.

      Expected Result: The WCM Display shows the relevant web content with a link to the FAQ page.

      Actual Result: The WCM Display shows no content.


      This behavior is not reproducible in master, but the code controlling it still exists in master and it is therefore not an 7.0.x exclusive fix.


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