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Kaleo Designer fails to save new definition with unedited "Task" node



      If a task node is added to a definition and properly connected to other nodes, the definition will fail validation when publishing.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to Kaleo Designer.
      2. Click on the FAB to create a new definition.
      3. Add a "Task" node to the definition.
      4. Connect the Start node to the task node.
      5. Connect the task node to the End node.
      6. Click in "Publish".
      7. Click in "Publish" again.

      Expected results

      1. In step 6, a success message would appear as the definition was published.
      2. In step 7, the same thing that happened at step 6 would happen again, since the definition was not changed.

      Actual results

      1. In step 6, the definition is not published. (In master, it is perceptible because no success message appears, because error messages are not currently appearing in Kaleo Desiginer.)
      2. In step 7, the definition is successfully published.


      It happens because, according to the workflow definition schema, assignments are mandatory in tasks. LPS-76099 mistakenly removed the assignments that were appropriately created by default. Indeed, in step 6, if one clicked in the "Source (Kaleo XML)" tab and observed the tasks element, it would have no <assignments>. In step 7, however, one would find such <assignments> element in <task>.


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