Info Panels: Unify Information Shown

      As an admin user I want to see the same information of an item either in the list view or the detail view.


      Currently we show different information depending the active view (list or detail) however the information should be the same because it's the same item. There is no difference between show the info panel selecting an item in the list view or show the panel in the detail view of that item.

      • List view info panel and Detail view info panel must show the same information
      • Both panels must behave exactly the same (expanded and collapsed states)

      User Experience


      • Add Download button
      • Add Owner
      • Add Modified By
      • Add Created By
      • Add Latest Approved Version
      • Use Accordion Items


      Due to some technical problems we have decided to split the story. The final design was Invision however we will not be able to complete it until 7.2 doing LPS-82214.

      The owner is the user that creates the document (this is the current behavior. We have plans to improve the ownership feature of a file in the future). Use lexicon's profile component

      Fields Order
      This is the order that we should try to keep for every case:

      1. Type
      2. Extension
      3. Size
      4. Modified
      5. Created
      6. Location
      7. Latest Approved Version
      8. Tags
      9. Average Rating
      10. Description
      11. Related Assets
      12. Extracted Data and others

      Version and Status

      • The version and the status are always shown.
      • Use lexicon's small label component.
      • Version uses a small Informative label.

      Status uses a small label and depending the status uses a different type:

      • Pending: Warning Label
      • Rejected: Error Label
      • Approved: Success Label
      • Other States (Expire, Draft): Default Label

      Modified field
      Format: #Month (3 letters) #Day, #Year by #User

      Created field
      Format: #Month (3 letters) #Day, #Year by #User

      Latest Approved Version field
      It shows the version number of the latest approved version of the document.


      Toggle behavior
      The Info Panel is shown when a user selects an item and clicks the info icon in the management bar. If the user clicks again the panel is collapsed.

      CASE 1: If the user is viewing the latest version of the document either in the list view or the detail view two input boxes are shown.

      The input boxes are (shown in the following order):

      1. "Latest version URL"
      2. "WebDAV link URL"

      CASE 2: If the user is viewing a specific version of the document in the detail view. There is only one input box shown additional actions to show.

      The input box is

      1. "Version #version URL"


      • All the accordion items are collapsed by default.
      • Extracted Metadata is an accordion item.
      • Related Assets is an accordion item.


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