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SEARCH function within Recycle Bin does not return expected results



      When attempting to search through the recycle bin by title, assets are not found.  This is because of the way we are indexing trash items as well as searching on them.  We are not actually searching on localized versions of title, description, or content which is how we index the content (at least in Elastic).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new web content with the following information:
        • Title: This is the title
        • Description: This is the description
        • Content: This is the content
      2. Within the Web Content portlet, search for the following terms:
        • title
        • description
        • content
      3. Notice the content is returned
      4. Move the content to the recycle bin
      5. Int eh recycle bin portlet, search using the same terms.
      6. Notice only "content" returns anything.

      Expected Results: The content is returned.

      Actual Results: The content is not returned.

      Reproduced in master 5d3a9a4c29aa1deb43a189b298f60b1a4195c0c8


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