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As a web developer I can include a portlet within a page fragment


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      08_Ygritte, 09_Sansa Stark, 10_Robert Baratheon, 11_Viserys Targaryen, 12_Catelyn Stark, 13_Cersei Lannister (Week 16)


      As of today, page fragments are static, created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When this story is implemented web developers will be able to invoke portlets that have been registered as invocable from a page fragment using a syntax similar to the following:

      <lfr-widget-nav />
      <lfr-widget-web-content />
      <lfr-widget-asset publisher /> or <lfr-widget-asset-list />

      A Marketer who is editing a fragment page should be able to access the configuration pop-up of any portlet included within the fragments of the page.

      In order for a portlet to be available for inclusion in a fragment, its developer must mark it as such with an API that will be provided (and which could be as simple as a property in the @component annotation of the portlet controller).

      When editing a page which has fragments with portlets, it should be possible to perform only some of the actions that are available for portlets in a portlet page. In particular it should only have the following actions:

      • Configure
      • Configuration Templates (optional)
      • Permissions (double check the behavior)

      This list explicitly excludes "Export/Import" and "Look & Feel Configuration".

      The user should not be able to interact with any of the elements (links, buttons, ...) of the portlet when in editing mode.


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