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Asset publishers cannot filter by structure for Sites that have Staging enabled, but not for that type of content



      When Staging is enabled for a Site, Asset Publishers cannot filter by structure for types of content that are not staged. For example, Asset Publishers cannot filter by Web Content structure if Staging is not enabled for Web Content.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new site and add a public page
      2. Add an asset publisher portlet to the page
      3. Enable local live staging on the site with staging for all content turned off
      4. Once completed, add a web content structure and then add a linked web content template (you may need to navigate to another page, and then navigate back to the page with the structures to see it appear)
      5. Configure the asset publisher portlet on the staging site
      6. Under asset type, choose Web Content Article
      7. Open the Web Content Article Structures drop-down

      Expected result: the new Web Content structure appears in the list
      Actual result: the new web content structure does not show up. Only the Basic Web Content structure shows up

      Reproduced in master: 51145af140db96d88abb9da173faa91ffbe73aad
      Reproduced in 7.0.x: eb28793f5567ec0b72815e843434cecc5e114227


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