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Import/Export, when replacing small images url, keeps the old server hostname




      When exporting content which has a smallImageURL pointing to an image within the instance, the hostname is not updated.  This can be a problem if the content is imported into an instance with a different virtual host name.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Add a new virtualhost to your liferay instance named "testInstance".
      2. Add an image to the "testInstance" instance's document library.
      3. Copy the URL of the image (it should start with "http://testInstance:8080")
      4. Create a content in "testInstance" which has a smallImageUrl, pointing to the previously created document.
      5. Export the site.
      6. (optional) delete the virtual instance.
      7. Import the site into your default "localhost" instance.
      8. View the content.

      Expected Results: Content is visible and the URL of the smallImage points to "http://localhost:8080/..."

      Actual Results: Content is not visible (if you deleted the virtual instance) and the URL points to "http://testInstance:8080/...".  If you did not remove the virtual instance, the small image is still visible, but points to the virtual instance.

      Reproduced in master: 285edd2a1290e37bb6aee008f714f166971f5edd





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