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doAsUserId not taken into account when rendering calendar events



      When rendering calendar events, the admin has different permissions when impersonating a user than the user does when logged in to Liferay. When impersonating the user, the admin is able to view the title of an event on a calendar, but when the user is logged in (not impersonated), the user cannot view the title of the event.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay and log in as the admin user.
      2. Create two non-administrator users (User A and User B).
      3. Add a Calendar portlet to a page.
      4. Modify the permissions of the User A Calendar so that the User role does not have the "View Event Details" permission.
      5. Log in as User A and create a Calendar event with a non-blank title.
      6. Log in as User B and add the User A Calendar to the Calendar portlet (in the "Other Calendars" section). Note that you cannot see the title of the event; you can only see the time.
      7. Log in as the admin user and impersonate User B.
      8. Navigate to the page with the Calendar portlet and observe the event that User A added.

      Expected Result: You cannot see the title of the event, since User B could not see the title of the event.
      Actual Results: You can see the title of the event.


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