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As a Designer or Marketer I can create a display page associated to a web content structure to determine how the web content will be displayed


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      Currently there are two ways to display a web content in a site built with Liferay:

      1. Leverage Asset Publisher to display a list of web content and allows users to click on them to show the web content in detail (either within Asset Publisher or "in context")
      2. Create an specific page for that web content and use Web Content Display or Asset Publisher to manually select the asset and display it.

      In order to be able to display a web content "in context" the site must have an associated "Content Display Page". This is a traditional layout page built with widgets (aka portlets) which has one Asset Publisher portlet which will be used to display the detail of the "selected" web content. Web Content which have an associated Display page gain a unique URL for displaying the web content (which is dependent of the page where it's linked from).

      The goal of this story is to improve the solution to this use case providing additional benefits such as:

      1. Make it easier to create a display page for web content. All Display Pages will be listed in a single administration UI separate from other pages.
      2. Allow associating a display page as the default for web content with an specific structure so that it's not necessary to associate each web content with it individually.
      3. Provide more flexibility to control the look and feel of the page that displays assets of each type (by leveraging page fragments instead of widgets)

      The Web Content Display Page will be built using an editor that allows:

      1. Adding page fragments
      2. Map each editable text within the fragments with generic fields of a web content and the view of the web content (rendered with its template). The mapping should take into account the types of editable elements. That way the UI should only allow mapping a text field to an editable text, an image field to an editable image, etc. (Note: LPS-76821 will add the ability to map fields that are specific to the selected structure)

      A Marketer can create several Web Content Display Pages, even several for each structure. This allows using a different one for each specific asset. However, which should be used for assets that have not specified which specific display page to use?

      To solve this, the marketer/designer will be able to specify which of the existing display pages should be used by default. The first display page to be created for an specific asset type should be marked as default automatically.

      It's worth noting that any existing web content display page created with the old mechanism (the Content Display Page page template) will still work. It will also still be possible to associate new web content to the traditional display pages.



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