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Upgrading portlet preferences using ddm_uuid is inconsistent with its visualization



      In 6.2 when retrieving the ddmTemplate for the displayStyle, using the UUID, we have a fallback mechanism so that we fitst search using the UUID and displayStyleGroupId and if nothing is found we try with the same UUID and the company groupId. See com.liferay.portlet.portletdisplaytemplate.util.PortletDisplayTemplateImpl.fetchDDMTemplate(long, String)

      On the other side when we're upgrading, we only try it with de displayStyleGroupId, see com.liferay.portal.upgrade.v7_0_0.UpgradePortletDisplayTemplatePreferences.getTemplateKey(long, String)


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In a clean 6.2 bundle create an Asset Publisher Display Template in Global.
      2. Create a site name Site1.
      3. Use the ADT created in step one in an Asset Publisher added to a page in the previously created site.
      4. Modify the generated PortletPreferences record so that the displayStyleGroupId is the site one and not the company group id. Use the provided Groovy script recreateIncorrectDisplayStyleGroupId.foorvy
      5. Check that the ADT is still applied to the Asset Publisher.
      6. Perform an upgrade to DXP.

      Expected Results:

      After the upgrade the PortletPreferences record must have been updated changing the format in displayStyle from ddmTemplate_UUID to ddmTemplate_templateKey.

      Actual Results:

      Because the templateKey isn't found the record remains using the format ddmTemplate_UUID.





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