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As a Marketer I can quickly add new pages to the main site navigation as I create them



      With the introduction of navigation menus, the creation of a page does not automatically make it available in the site menu, like it used to in previous versions of Liferay. This decoupling of pages and navigation provides a lot of flexibility, but it also causes the Marketer (or any site administrator in general) to have to take more steps in order to create a page and add it to the site navigation (first create the page, then go to the navigation menus administration, select the desired menu, add a page item to it, look for the newly created page and add it). This can be specially annoying when the user has to create several pages in a row. We believe it's important to support this common use case since it's very common in small sites, initial stages of small sites, etc.

      To solve this we propose a simple way to automatically add new pages to a navigation menu. This method is based on two additions to the UI:

      1. Menu administration: In the settings of a menu add a new option to select that menu as the one to which new pages will be added to by default. There must always one menu (and only one) with this option checked.
      2. Pages administration: When creating a new page, in the first step where the name is specified add a new option (checkbox) that says "Add this page to the menu [Menu name]", where [Menu name] is the name of the menu that was selected in the previous point. The checkbox must be checked by default but the user can decide to uncheck it if desired.

      To further facilitate the creation of the menu with page items, when a child page is added to the menu, the system should automatically check if it's parent is already in the menu. If so, the new menu item should be made a child of the parent page menu item. If the parent page is not in the menu, then the new menu item should be added in the top level. This should be applied not only to the automatic menu item creation described in this story but also to the normal menu item creation within the navigation menu administration.


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