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Staged sites share "Last Publish Date" for certain portlet types




      After creating Sites and adding content, when attempting to Publish to Live, the asset count does not appropriately reflect the correct content that will be published. This is due to the 'last publish date' of the portlet being shared between sites.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a site, test1.
      2. Add a single page, home.
      3. Enable Local Live. Click Select All so all portlets are included in staging.
      4. Verify the home page is present in both test1 staging and test1 live.
      5. Add a web content, a document, and a form to test1.
      6. Go to the home page, click Publish to Live and verify the asset counts - 1 page, 1 Documents and Media, 1 Web Content, and 1 Form. (Note: don't actually publish the site by clicking the next Publish to Live.)
      7. Create a second site, test2.
      8. Add a single page, home.
      9. Enable Local Live. Click Select All so all portlets are included in staging.
      10. Create a web content, document, and a form, just like in step 5.
      11. Verify the home page is present in both test2 staging and test2 live.
      12. Go back to test1 and repeat Step 6 to check the asset counts.


      Expected Result: The asset counts should be unchanged
      Actual Result: The counts now shows 1 page, 1 Web Content.

      Follow up steps:

      1. Now publish test1.
      2. Verify that all of the test1 assets were actually published, in disagreement with the asset counts display.
      3. If you check the asset counts in test2, its counts will also be wrong now that test1 has been published.

      Branch:  Reproduced. ** bce0628ca3bf942d570626635021d8bd6c6791a1
      Master:  Reproduced ** 73b47aeed284005659f2dc7493bf705527322d4b




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