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Duplicate request sent when virtual host is configured for public or private pages


    • Type: Regression Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: 7.0.0 DXP FP33, 7.0.0 DXP FP34, 7.0.0 DXP FP35, 7.0.0 DXP FP36, 7.0.0 DXP FP37
    • Fix Version/s: 7.0.0 DXP FP34
    • Component/s: Core Infrastructure
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      Customer has a blocking issue as follows:
      On their Production site which has private pages only, when they create a messageboard thread in MB portlet,
      the thread is created as a duplicate and diplayed twice in the Portlet. Also the same for the replies to the thread.
      When they remove the duplicate thread or post, both success and failure error is thrown on the UI.
      Please find screenshots attached.

      Steps to reproduce
      1) map to 'a.com'
      2) startup DXP SP6 patched with de-33 / connected to Mysql
      3) create a private page to default site: 'privatepage'
      4) configure the virtual host of Private Pages of default site to: 'a.com'
      (Site Settings -> Configuration -> Site URL)
      5) add a Message Boards portlet to 'privatepage' on: http://a.com:8080/group/guest/privatepage
      6) create a new thread: 'thread':
      Expected results: One thread is created in DB and displayed
      Actual results: Two threads (a duplicate) is created in DB and displayed

      7) Reply to the thread anything:
      Expected results: One message is created in DB and displayed
      Actual results: Duplicate message is created in DB and displayed

      8) Move one of the duplicate threads or messages to recycle bin:
      Expected results: it is removed correctly
      Actual results: it is removed but UI shows both success and fail (screenshot)

      Reproduced on:
      7.0.x commit bce0628ca3bf942d570626635021d8bd6c6791a1
      master commit fdfcc19b8a101c7bddcb0261d1fc9df6fef4c640

      Additional notes:
      -The issue happens only on private pages where the virtualhost of Private Pages is set for a domain.
      -Also present on embedded HSQL.


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