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NPE thrown when user has delete permission, but not other permissions



      When a user has permission to delete content, but does not have access to the recycle bin, a NullPointerException will be thrown.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a site role, and defined permission as following:
        • Site Administration > Content > Documents and Media:
        • Checked Access in Site Administration and View under General Permissions
        • Check the role do not have any permissions for the Recycle Bin.
      2. Create a user, choose Liferay site and the created site role.
      3. Go to Documents and Media, create a basic document.
      4. Click 3 dots icon of document > Permissions > Checked delete permission of site role, then save.
      5. Login as the newly user, go to Documents and Media.
      6. Try to remove the shortcut.

      Expected: ** Delete document successfully with no errors thrown and the standard message that the content was successfully deleted is shown.

      Actual result: The document is deleted, but a NPE is thrown.

      Note: the issue can be reproduced for any content that allows permission to be set directly on the content itself. For example, the issue can be reproduced for a blog or a bookmark by following Step 1 instead for Blogs or Bookmarks.


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