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MTS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) videos can not be played even though Xuggler is enabled, and MIME types are included


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 7.0.X, Master
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    • Component/s: Documents & Media
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      Liferay has the following properties:

          # Set this to a comma delimited list of MIME types to send an Accept-Ranges
          # header.
          # Input a list of comma delimited video MIME types that will trigger
          # generation of video previews.

      I tried to append "application/metastream,video/avchd-stream,video/mts,video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts,video/MP2T,video/avchd" to both properties in order to make Liferay generate video previews for "MPEG-2 Transport Stream" files. However, Liferay still recognizes .mts files as mime type "application/octet-stream", not "video/MP2T" even thought Xuggler is enabled.

      The reason why this is a problem is because Xuggler is based on ffmpeg, and ffmpeg supports MTS file format, so it seems that Liferay should identify the MIME type, and Xuggler should be able to generate a preview.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Strat Liferay DXP SP6 + DE-38 with portal-ext.properties which includes the following properties:
      1. Go to CP > Configuration > Server Administration > External Services
      2. Install Xuggler, and restart Liferay
      3. Go to CP > Configuration > Server Administration > External Services
      4. In "Enabling Xuggler provides video conversion functionality." panel, check "Enabled" checkbox, and Save
      5. Go to default site's Content > Documents and Media, upload any .mts video file (sample .mts file can be obtained on here)
      6. Click on "sample.mts" uploaded at previous step
      7. Click on info icon, and check "Automatically Extracted Metadata" panel

      Expected results
      Content Type should be "video/MP2T" and the preview is generated.

      Actual results
      .mts video file is recognized as "application/octet-stream" and Liferay no longer generate the preview.

      Reproduced In
      Liferay DXP SP6 + DE-38
      7.0.x (f257fa7334f3d42247a5e5e151f7c2c4f8da1df4)
      master (eabcdfb714fb62a98a4b348ab525af902363163a)




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