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Porlet name in the message Notification no longer applies is not localized



      When a notification no longer applies a new notification is issue showing the relevant portlet name.

      Notification no longer applies.
      Notification for My Workflow Tasks was deleted.
      About a minute ago.

      This name (e.g. My Workflow Tasks) is not localized.

      La notificación ya no tiene validez.
      La notificación para My Workflow Tasks se ha borrado.
      Hace alrededor de un minuto.

      Reproducing Steps

      1. In a given site, go to Content > Web Content and configure a folder to have a workflow (for example, Single Approver (Version 1)). 
      2. Go to create a new web content in that folder, fill ou the details and click on Submit for publication.
      3. Because of the chosen workflow a notification will have arrived. 
      4. user01 user01 sent you a Web Content Article for review in the workflow
        About a minute ago.

      5. To withdraw the sumission, go to My account > My Submissions > Find the submission > Click on 3-dots > Withdraw Submission
      6. Explicitly use the Spanish or some other locale, e.g. by using "/es" in the url and go to your notifications. 

      Observed: The message is not completely localized because the portlet's name is not translated. 

      Expected: The portlet's name is localized. 




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